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Takeya Shimomura

R&D at Dai Nippon Printing

“AI tools today are very complicated and take months to get results. With Obviously AI, we were able to onboard several of our analysts seamlessly and got up and running in just a few hours.”

namra parikh from creditt india

Namra Parikh

CTO at Creditt India

“Obviously AI is a no-brainer tool for predictive analytics. Easy to integrate and predict outcomes without any knowledge of machine learning.”

thomas gerstmann from gerstmann agency

Thomas Gerstmann

CEO at Gerstmann Agency

“I spent 1+ years trying to learn Python for data science. Obviously AI did the job in just 5 mins. No functions, No code, Just results. Wow.”

tom osman from makerpad

Tom Osman

Marketing Director at Makerpad

“The most beautiful and easy to use no-code machine learning tool I have seen.”

Joey Bertschler

AI Journalist

“Obviously AI is the way to go because you can start making predictions from tabular data in minutes, with virtually no set-up process.”

dario radecic from NEOS

Dario Radečić

Consultant at NEOS

“Obviously AI is obviously awesome, and such an easy service to recommend. For some businesses I can even see it as the only data science solution.”

Tony Baer

Principal at DB Insight

“No one goes as far as Obviously AI for optimizing and running predictive machine learning models.”

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See how no code machine learning can transform your business and change how you make decisions.