Accident Severity

Predict how severe an accident is likely to be and take preemptive action.


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Predicting accident severity can be dramatically important for carriers, insurance teams and several folks involved. Everyone from government agencies to insurance companies are constantly looking to build robust models to handle accidents that occur. 

A consulting agency from Arizona that works with the US Government wanted to predict how severe accidents are likely to be and which ones required preemptive action. They turned to Obviously AI to build easy to use AI models.

The Solution

With Obviously AI, the agency instantly connected their historical data of accidents, details on its location, vehicle condition, and eventually the severity of the accident. 

In just minutes, they had fully trained an AI model that accurately predicted if an accident is likely to be severe and if preemptive action is required. They integrated this model directly into their app using Obviously AI’s API to show the predictions directly on their dashboard.

The Results

Obviously AI was able to predict the accident severity with an accuracy of 87%. Which is 19% higher than today’s leading standard. logo

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