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How LearningLeaders built AI with 80% accuracy to improve student success

LearningLeaders is an ed-tech company that uses Obviously AI to build AI for student success, which helps them save $70K per year. Read more to learn how they did it.


Built several machine learning models that predict student success

Time Saved

Went from 2 weeks to 5 mins per model built

Money Saved

Saves $70,000 per year with Obviously AI

Series A

LearningLeaders is a professional training and coaching company that enables students to become better public speakers.

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The Problem

LearningLeaders wanted to leverage the huge volume of student feedback they had to help improve student success, in turn improving conversion on their platform. They had all the right elements to build an AI model for predicting student performance and recommending ways to improve the same. However, they were short of the experience and understanding needed to build cutting edge AI models.

After trying several tools like Google AutoML, AWS Sagemaker and several services agencies that sold the promise of AI but never delivered, LearningLeaders turned to Obviously AI.

The Solution

Within less than a week, LearningLeaders was able to build an AI model that accurately predicted student success as well as provided a list of top drivers and areas that students should improve on to increase their odds of success. They were able to go from 57% accuracy that they saw in other tools to 80% accuracy on Obviously AI and today these models are integrated into their app so students can see the predictions for themselves and proactively take action.

The Outcome

Using Obviously AI, LearningLeaders went from 2 weeks to 5 minutes for building a single AI model. LearningLeaders have setup these models to run in real time, making a prediction each time a student signs up. While doing this would otherwise require an army of data scientists, dev-ops engineers and SWEs, with Obviously AI, LearningLeaders saves $70,000 annually for each model built.

learning leaders

With Obviously AI, we were able to go from 2 weeks to 5 mins for each AI model built. Saving north of $70,000 each year.

Tom Cronin

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