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Churn Reduction

A top bay area SaaS company uncovered why customers leave and predicted who will churn next. Then actively pursued users before they cancelled.


Predicting Up-sell

A South African insurance company predicted customers with higher affinity to buy again.


Augmented Lead Scoring

Well known San Francisco based enterprise company built a lead scoring engine to predict the propensity to buy and personalize their sales efforts.

Analytics & BI

Predict Default Rate

A micro-lending company in India built a model to identify customers who are likely to default, automated decision making and increased repayment.

Analytics & BI

Labor Planning

A well known D2C brand predicted labor requirements in their stores to best prepare for big event sales.


Dynamic Pricing

A hyper-casual gaming apps company in Germany predicted willingness to pay and showed their users a dynamic price, increasing revenue and user satisfaction.

Analytics & BI

Campaign Conversions

A marketing agency in Denmark built models to predict which social campaigns of their customers are likely to succeed.

Analytics & BI

Build User Personas

Several up and coming businesses identified their ideal customer profile using No-Code AI


Fraud Detection

A mobile app company avoided affiliate fraud by predicting trends in users that are likely to trick the app's affiliate system.

namra parikh

Namra Parikh

COO at Creditt India

Obviously AI is a no-brainer tool for predictive analytics. Easy to integrate and predict outcomes without any knowledge of machine learning.

thomas gerstmann

Thomas Gerstmann

CEO at Gerstmann Agency

I spent 1+ years trying to learn Python for data science. Obviously AI did the job in just 5 mins. No functions, No code, Just results. Wow.

Dan Parry

Product Manager at Tectonic

“We were crazy impressed and realized we could do everything we wanted far easier without learning code.”

tom osman

Tom Osman

Marketing Director at Makerpad

“The most beautiful and easy to use no-code machine learning tool I have seen.”

Joey Bertschler

AI Journalist

“Obviously AI is the way to go because you can start making predictions from tabular data in minutes, with virtually no set-up process.”

Dario Radečić

Consultant at NEOS

“Obviously AI is obviously awesome, and such an easy service to recommend. For some businesses I can even see it as the only data science solution.”

Tony Baer

Principal at DB Insight

“No one goes as far as Obviously AI for optimizing and running predictive machine learning models.”

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