Fraud Detection

Instantly predict fraudulent transactions and proactively take action.


rows of data

15 mins

time to value


prediction accuracy


fraud attempts prevented


Fighting affiliate and referral fraud is more important than ever and is getting more challenging as users find sophisticated ways to avoid subscription costs. Using Obviously AI SaaS platforms can use their historical data to accurately predict and detect suspicious activity in real time. These predictions continue to get better over time.


A well known mobile app company in Palo Alto wanted to fight affiliate fraud to save up on piling platform usage costs. They decided to turn to Obviously AI to build their fraud detection engine.

The Solution

With Obviously AI, the company instantly connected their historical data of customer demographics and transaction history such as date, type, amount, etc.


In just minutes, they had fully trained an AI model that accurately predicted costs the individual is likely to incur and integrated these predictions directly into their internal dashboard using Obviously AI’s API.

The Results

Obviously AI was able to identify 73% of fraudulent transactions allowing the team to take preemptive action prior to them clearing out. This increased their internal efficiency by 10x allowing them to save significant transaction costs. logo

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