Fraud Detection

A mobile app company avoided affiliate fraud by predicting trends in users that are likely to trick the app's affiliate system.


rows of data

15 mins

time to value


prediction accuracy


fraud attempts prevented


Fighting affiliate and referral fraud, is more important than ever and is getting more challenging as users find sophisticated ways to avoid subscription costs. Using Obviously AI SaaS platforms can use their historical data to accurately predict and detect suspicious activity in real time. These predictions continue to get better over time.

A well known mobile app company in Palo Alto wanted to fight affiliate fraud to save up on piling platform usage costs. They decided to turn to Obviously AI to build their fraud detection engine.

The Solution

The company conducted extensive market research and chose Obviously AI’s predictive analytics platform for their needs. 

The growth team used Obviously AI’s platform to train a model to analyze their customer’s demographic and behavioral data to answer the following questions:

1. Which customers are most likely to commit affiliate fraud?
2. What are common demographic trends in users committing fraud?

The Results

The company prevented 120 fraud attempts in 1 month.

Obviously AI’s platform allowed the existing Growth team to build the AI model within a few minutes, versus 2 months it would require a backlogged data science team, and at a significantly lower cost.

Most notably, they empowered their existing non-programmers with the capability of building state of the art AI predictive analytics models, without the need for an on-call data scientist.

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