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The basics for individual analysts

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Up to 100,000 rows of data

Data Dialog

Add transformations and filters to your data.

Import from CSV

Up to 3 Users

Shareable Models

Share models with your team and allow them to use it without an account.

Model Drilldowns

Dive deep into model metrics and evaluate output.

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Including all in Basic & Pro

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Download Model Code Files

Download all Python pickle files associated with the model.

Why Obviously AI?

There are just so many things that take you away from focusing on business decisions, we believe learning or building AI systems, shouldn't be one.

Insanely fast

Save 30hrs /week by building 1,000s of machine learning models in just one click. Obviously AI picks the best one for you and makes it ready to use.

Always ready

Forget about taking up server space to run your models. Simply log in to your account and your model will always be ready to use.

No maintenance

Models break all the time with new data, outliers and system failures. Obviously AI automatically maintains everything and gets better over time.


What is the annual vs. monthly pricing?

Basic plan is $99/mo OR $75/mo billed annually. Pro plan is $199/mo OR $145/mo billed annually.

What does trial include?

Trial period includes access to all Pro features without any restrictions. No matter what plan you pick, you'll get access to all Pro features during your trial.

How are rows of data measured?

This is measured cumulatively, which is the total number of rows across all the datasources you have connected. E.g. If you connect a CSV file with 50K rows and a database with 100K rows, the total will be 150K rows used. Typically more rows of historical data can make your model perform better.

What is a Dedicated Data Scientist?

A Dedicated Data Scientist is an individual from our team that can help you & your team answer all questions about machine learning / data science while helping with hands on activities data cleaning, increasing model performance etc. Think of them as an extension of your team, you can add them to your Slack, Microsoft Teams, instant messaging, etc. and book a call with them anytime!

What is API access and how to use it?

APIs enable you to export your predictions to your own app, internal tool, website, and much more. It is a way to get the predictions to display outside your account. Learn more on

Why is Auto-update Predictions important?

As new data comes in, auto-update feature automatically takes the real world outcomes as feedback into your existing predictions, making them better and smarter over time.

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