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How Sound Agriculture use Obviously AI to predict yield

Sound AG is an agriculture company uses Obviously AI to supercharge their sales team by providing crop yield predictions for their fertilizer products. Read more to learn how they do it

Auto ML

Sales team uses real-time crop yield predictions to sell fertilizers.

Instant Setup

Setup AI models in just 2 days vs. 6 months it would take otherwise.

Faster Models

AI models work seamlessly on their landing page with no maintenance.

Series C

Sound AG is a cutting edge agricultural company backed by the National Science Foundation that produces fertilizers designed to dramatically improve crop yield.

Automated on platform

The Problem

Sound Agriculture’s biggest challenge was predicting the different yields a farmer is likely to get if they use their fertilizer with different CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity), OM (Organic Matter) and pH levels. These prediction needed to be accurate then, relayed to sales so their product knowledge was enhanced. In turn increasing sales success.

The Solution

Sound AG’s biggest challenge was predicting the crop yields from the chemical properties of soil - soil type, pH level, vegetation type, etc. If they could accurately predict yield from these components of soil they could sell their formulated microbiome activator to help get more nitrogen and phosphorus from your soil, which in turn increases crop yield. These predictions needed to be accurate, then, relayed to sales to improve their pitch.

Their in-house data science team was backlogged and wanted a solution that could quickly build models, was seamless to deploy and didn’t require any maintenance moving forward. After trying several solutions such as Google AutoML, AWS Sagemaker, etc, they turned to Obviously AI for its insanely fast time-to-model as well as the ease at which they could embed these models on their website.

The Outcome

Sound AG increased crop yield by 5-10 bu/acre. The sales team reduced their time to qualify by 50% and were able to increase sales conversion rates by 11.2%.

We've got the most mileage out of Obviously Al by predicting yield which has transformed our data driven sales process.

Shawn Stricklin
Sound AG

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