Data predictions in minutes, without writing code.

Simply connect your historical data, click a couple of buttons and get your predictions in real time.

Super power of machine learning, without code.

Case studies

Data cleaning to insight. Everything, automated.

Obviously AI automatically cleans your data, finds the right machine learning algorithm and runs it to give you the best predictions fast.

  • Works on Messy Data
  • Runs in Seconds
  • Increases Productivity
  • No Tech Background

Optimize with Obviously

May it be sales, inventory or churn, predicting what is going to happen next helps you optimize your business in unimaginable ways.
Hours for running data predictions now reduced to 30 seconds
Accurate predictions delivered across different industries
Business analysts no longer spend weeks waiting on data teams

How it works?

Connect historical data from your favorite sources, then ask for a prediction in plain English. Voila! That's it.
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The most beautiful predictive analytics tool you will ever encounter.
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"Super responsive support team!"
"Most beautiful dashboard I have seen"
"Most predictions were dead accurate"
“The predictions are faster than I thought”

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