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Data Predictions in minutes, without writing code.

The total process of building ML algorithms, explaining results, and predicting outcomes in one single click.
Customized ML Algorithms
No PII Required
Expert Support
Why Obviously AI?

Super power of machine learning, without code.

Obviously AI puts the world’s most advanced algorithms in your hands, with just a few clicks.

Forecast revenue, optimize supply chain, personalize marketing. You can now know what happens next.
Total machine learning models created by business users, without writing code.
12.3 Million
Hours saved by using Obviously AI to build predictive models in under 1 minute.

Entire process of AI predictions, packed in one single click.

That's it. No code. No hassle. No waiting.

Add Data

Drag and drop a CSV file or integrate with your favorite data sources in minutes.

Pick a Column

Simply pick your prediction column, and it'll auto-build a custom ML algorithm.

Get Prediction Report

Beautifully shows predicted results, top drivers and simulates "what-if" scenarios.

Integrate with your data sources.

Connect to leading data sources in minutes with military-grade security. Need a customized connection? Get in touch.

“The most beautiful and easy to use no-code machine learning tool I have seen.”

Tom Osman,
Marketing Director

“We were crazy impressed and realized we could do everything we wanted far easier without learning code.”

Dan Parry,
Product Manager

#5 on Top 30 Startups
to watch in 2020

Kritti Bhalla,
AI & Big Data Journalist

No Data Science team? No problem.

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