Churn Prediction

Predict which customers are likely to cancel and proactively take action on them.


rows of data

5 days

time to value


prediction accuracy


increased retention


Determining the value of each customer, including likely future spending and the resulting profit margins, is a vital factor in deciding where to aim personalized marketing efforts. Obviously AI can help determine the likely profit of each individual customer as well as determine if a customer is likely to churn; allowing you to focus your efforts on those likely to be most profitable eventually reducing churn and increasing revenues.

A provider for subscription based insurance services, this company saw an unexpected surge in subscription churn but was unable to detect why nor predict who might churn in the future. The company engaged in ineffective and generic re-engagement tactics which failed to improve ROI.

The Solution

With Obviously AI, the company instantly connected their historical data consisting of inputs like demographics, product usage, etc.

In just minutes, they had fully trained an AI model that can proactively predict which customers are likely to churn and provide preemptive retention strategy by demographics, time, product engagement, etc. These predictions were then fed directly into their CRM systems in real time!

The Results

Obviously AI was able to identify 74% of customer churn in advance which enabled the marketing team to create focused proactive campaigns months in advance resulting in vastly improved customer retention. Helping them save 3% of churn revenue every single month. logo

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