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Predict which employees are at risk of leaving and engage with them more closely.


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Hiring and managing staff can be a challenge in retail environments where turnover is greater than in many industries. With Obviously AI, companies can optimize staff schedules to ensure coverage without over-staffing. In addition, you can analyze employee satisfaction and drive insights into why employees stay or leave.

A well-known caregiver staffing agency in New York often found that most of their caregivers bailed out last minute and managing staffing needs remained unmet. Prior to Obviously AI, their staffing methodology was spontaneous and solely based on the trust that caregivers won’t bail out. This clearly wasn’t working, that’s when they decided to predict caregiver churn.

The Solution

With Obviously AI, the company instantly connected their historical data of caregivers and patients consisting of inputs like demographics, age, gender, location, preferred times, etc. along with their previous history of churn.

In just minutes, they had fully trained an AI model that proactively predicted which caregivers are likely to churn and automatically assigned them to the best time slot that reduced their chances of churning.

The Results

Obviously AI was able to identify 92% of caregivers that are likely to churn on the weekends and increased their staffing efficiency by 3x. All of this, without a heavy duty data science team!

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