Announcing our $3.6M series seed round

With this fresh round of funding, we plan to double down on our growth and expand our best-in-class engineering & marketing teams.

Hello world! You may have heard about us here and there: We’re a no-code tool that enables anyone to quickly build and run AI models in minutes, without writing code.

Today we are proud to announce a $3.6M Series Seed, led by TMV. We’re also welcoming our new investors B Capital Group, Golden Gate Ventures, Arka Ventures, Facebook B3, Makerpad founder Ben Tossell, Streamlabs co-founder Murtaza Hussain, Livspace founder & COO Ramakant Sharma and several notable bay area angels.

When we founded our company, Obviously AI wasn't anything more than just a few people working in an Airbnb basement. At the time, we saw Zapier and Integromat transforming no-code automation, Webflow and Weebly reimagining website building, Coda and Airtable disrupting Excel, we saw that beautifully crafted products can dramatically reset expectations and reimagine user experience of complex technology. Yet, even with this shift, AI and Machine Learning tools have not kept pace with the no-code era. They're overly complex, bundled with other software, do not integrate with third party services and have incredibly complicated & coding-heavy user experience.

We believe that machine learning can be incredibly effortless and can be crafted for everyday business users that aren't Ph.D. data scientists.

That’s why we’ve fundamentally designed the fastest and simplest data prediction tool for the modern business user.

And now, with this latest funding, we’ll be able to grow the company’s R&D, expand sales and marketing teams, introduce additional time series & other cutting edge algorithms and build an integration ecosystem that can further automate it’s predictive AI capabilities.

We’re still at an early stage of our product. We’re spending an enormous amount of time on testing, tweaking and polishing until every detail is perfect. If you want to get early access to freshly out-of-beta product, sign up now!

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