No-Code Tools to Improve Your Business


Exploring some of the top no-code tools to improve your business.

The world is changing.

The way we do business, the way we take notes, the way we buy groceries…

Everything is becoming more and more digitized, machines and programs are helping us achieve tasks that would require a bunch of time right away. For a long while, we dreamt of creating products or automating processes without the need of a developer; and we have never been closer to this dream.

The no-code approach is sweeping the world, as hundreds of amazing products powered with Graphical User Interfaces and sometimes Artificial Intelligence are helping shorten the development process of apps and processes.

In this article, we’ll go over the best no-code tools for each aspect of a business, but first, the basics.

What is a no-code tool?

A no-code tool is a product that you can use to solve specific problems that would normally require coding, without coding. They help non-technical people create products, websites, landing pages, UX elements; automate processes and analytics.

In 2021, most companies use at least a few no-code tools to achieve better results and most of these no-code products are proven to work in various industries.

Why should you use no-code tools?

A no-code tool can help you, as a non-technical person, to take development and automation into your own hands. If you are trying to become more agile and create various elements and processes without waiting, or just simply lacking the developer time, a no-code tool is necessary.

Let’s go over the popular no-code tools with different functions and see what the no-code community has achieved. - Product Development

“Creating a few UX elements and automating a few sheets of data is one thing, you can’t simply develop products without coding,” is what someone would say to you a few years back, if you mentioned no-code tools.

And it would surprise this someone to hear that you can create your own “Instagram” from scratch, without coding, using the most advanced no-code development tool; Bubble.

Bubble has been the pioneer of the no-code industry for a while, and they are vocal about it. Wherever Bubble appears, talks of the future of development and how no-code will help exist.

Over 700,000 people use Bubble to create Web products, they “build better and faster” thanks to the no-code platform. Completely powered by GUI elements, which you can refer to as Visual Programming. Without writing a single line of code, you can create your local Airbnb and start going big.

With many integrations and plugins and templates, Bubble is here to help redefine product development.

Webflow - Website Creation

Let’s go smaller.

Let’s say you don’t want an Airbnb of your own, you just want a great website for your business, with a bit of functionality.

Wordpress and Wix have been no-code for years, but Webflow doesn’t limit you with “themes” and “templates.”

With Webflow, you can create the website that you would normally ask a HTML developer to make for you, all the colors and the shapes and animations you want in your website, you got it!

With a more responsive website, and an easier editor, Webflow is the product for those who don’t need more than a great website.

Carrd - One-page Site Creation

Let’s go even smaller.

And let’s say you just need a single page for your business, and that’s it. No need for fancy sub-pages, all the different themes and use case pages and so on.

Just a single page, but the best one you can get.

Again, you can go to an HTML developer and they can provide you with a seamless design that rocks, you can also do the same with Carrd.

Carrd is especially designed for single page sites, it is free, and helps you create the fully-responsive page that can actually compare to the one in your ideas. Whether you are looking to create a website for yourself, or just a landing page for your business, Carrd can help you get the most out of that page.

UserGuiding - In-product Experience

One of these three products should’ve helped you get your website or product in place.

What’s next is the experience you are going to offer inside of the product.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a product that can do both product development and addition of interactive UX elements, so you’ll need a secondary tool.

UserGuiding is the way to go.

UserGuiding is a 3rd-party user onboarding tool that lets you create interactive product tours, in-app triggered messages, checklists, and self-help centers without coding.

Also, it is perfect for optimizing users’ in-app experience, since with its segmentation feature, you can start segmenting users based on different groups and show them the right elements at the right time.

In addition, UserGuiding’s new Analytics dashboard lets you track the performance of your creations and highlight low-performing steps for you to further improve them.

UserGuiding is perfect for:

- Onboarding new users with interactive product tours,

- Engaging the right users at the right time with triggered in-app messages,

- Guiding users to success with checklists,

- Offering help whenever they need with self-help centers,

- Gathering feedback with tools such as NPS surveys.

UserGuiding is completely free to try and starts from $199/month with 20.000 Monthly Active Users. Try UserGuiding for free! - AI-Powered Data Predictions

What’s the next step in data analysis?

Well, what’s the next step for the world?

I’m sure you’ve gotten a few great predictions, and one of them has to be artificial intelligence. There has to be a reason behind all these Machine Learning courses on Udemy, right?

People here at Obviously AI were very aware of the future of data analysis, and they knew that data was not for only technical people but for everyone, so they’ve introduced a no-code AI platform.

The function of Obviously AI is obvious (pun intended :)), it helps non-technical people make predictions.

All you have to do is put in your data sheet that you got from your platform of choice, and choose the column that you want to predict, and that’s it.

Zapier - Integrate All Your Tools

Remember when a business only used a few 3rd-party tools and their integration to their workflows were simple?

After already mentioning 5 no-code tools, I can’t go on without giving you a way to connect all these. Zapier, which for me has the coolest name among all these products, is the only integration tool you’ll need.

The tool is absolutely amazing with more than 2000 apps to integrate and countless integration possibilities that you can automate workflows with. With Zapier, you can enable different apps to work together in a simple manner, as if they were intended to work together in the first place.

As their motto goes: “Anyone can build workflows with a few clicks”...

Airtable and Notion - For All Your Business Needs

What about your other business needs?

Where can you gather the data, establish roadmaps, take notes, create to-dos and calendars?

Each of these has different products that are outstanding in their industry, however, there are also products that mash all of these into each other, and take care of all your business needs.

You don’t actually have to code for each of these solutions, however, the products that put all of them together need a mention in this list. The purpose of no-code was to make everyone’s life easier after all, wasn’t it?

Notion and Airtable are the god-tier products for this subject to me. They both offer dozens of templates for all kinds of business functions for each team, from Content Calendars, to development workflows. If you invest in any of these two platforms, after a while, you can move all your business-related agendas and workflows here and improve the lives of your fellow teammates for good; saving them from the painful process of opening 36 tabs just to see what they are going to do the next day.


No-code is the future, it keeps disproving the concerns of many every day. Although I would love to live in a future where I could create a business only talking to Siri about it, it is exciting to see the transition from traditional development to no-code.

With new and more innovative products coming out every day, we should definitely keep an eye on the market to be the first-adopters of game-changing no-code platforms.


Author: Selman Gokce

Title: Inbound Marketing Specialist at UserGuiding




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