Our Running List of Integrations to Fit ML Into Your Tech Stack


Effortlessly integrate AI into your workflow with these no-code AI integrations.

Obviously, we wanted to build a tool to seamlessly fit into your stack. Knowing where to fit a new technology, especially something like machine learning, into your current tools can be a challenge. However, we don’t want this to prevent you from adding machine learning to your workflow. 

That’s why we are constantly creating new integrations to use with no-code machine learning.


First up is our low-code API. You can give the power of no-code ML to your users or add a data predictions feature to your app. This is made for more technical users who wish to power their app with AI. This is the integration we’re most proud of because you can take a piece of Obviously AI everywhere you go and it’s one of the ways we democratize AI.

Read more about our API here.

New Integrations!


Because they are a part of the no-code family and are leaders in databases, it made perfect sense to prioritize an integration with Airtable. This integration is to be ready to use this week! Stay tuned.


As one of the most popular ways to store data, a Dropbox integration allows you to upload datasets into Obviously AI larger than 25MB. Compared to the size limit from CSV files on your desktop, with Dropbox you can upload datasets up to 1GB. This feature is currently on our platform and ready to go!

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Other Data Source Integrations

Obviously AI also allows you to connect with some of the most popular databases such as,

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Redshift
  • BigQuery
  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce

What’s New With the Platform Update

As a team, we’ve been furiously working on a new UI and new features for you. We have made great progress and hope to launch at the end of October - early November. 

The new UI will take into account everything we’ve learned about how you interact with the platform.

New features will include exporting your predictions as a web app, exporting test results, expanded and improved tech specs, and better report organization.

Being able to export predictions as a web app is one of the new features we’re most excited about. You’ll be able to send your reports to your non-technical team members to quickly understand insights and get everyone on the same page. You’ll also be able to share your reports via social media and on mobile devices.

Stay tuned for more information on the platform update!


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