Obviously AI + Zapier: Bringing a new world to automating AI

Brace yourselves for the launch of our latest integration - Zapier! We’re taking a leap beyond just building AI models. We’re excited to announce the launch of our Zapier integration.

Now with just a couple of clicks, you can not only create new AI models but also automate actions around them. By joining forces with Zapier we bring you robotic process automation powered by AI. Making it easier to automate simple and technical tasks and increase the ROI on all your apps and services.

Let’s dive into how Zapier and Obviously AI work together.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a workflow automation software that integrates with a variety of tools and applications for automating redundant tasks. The platform connects to over 5000 apps and empowers everyone, from side hustlers to enterprise leaders, to be more productive with their time and reach their goals faster. For businesses who need more hours in their busy day, Zapier allows you to automated process between your apps taking on up to 100 actions at a time with its multi-step workflows.

What is Obviously AI?

Obviously AI is a No-code AI predictive analytics software. The platform turns raw data into highly accurate predictive models within minutes. It is designed for data-driven organizations to convert their data into ROI. Obviously AI serves as an entire data science team for non-technical users to train and deploy any kind of AI model and get quick and easy predictions from their data. 

How Will We Work Together?

In collaboration with Zapier, Obviously AI users can take their efficiency to a whole new level by connecting Obviously AI to any of thousands of the most popular apps provided by Zapier, so you can automate your repetitive work and free up time for what matters most - all without the requirement to learn coding.

You can automatically monitor your Obviously AI models and use Zapier’s ‘if-this-then-that’ triggers to perform follow-up actions. 

For example, you can set a trigger on prediction probability, so if the prediction probability is 80%, Zapier will automatically take the required action.

Below are some examples of how Obviously AI and Zapier work together:

  • Adding daily Time Series predictions in Obviously AI to Google Sheets,
  • Sending daily Discord channel messages with Obviously AI Time Series Forecasts,
  • Sending prediction outcomes from Obviously AI to Slack channels from Google Sheets,

.. and many more ways.

Benefits of the Obviously AI + Zapier 

Here’s how Zapier helps you get the most out of Obviously AI’s predictive analysis:

  • Automated Predictive Analysis: Anyone who works with data knows how much work goes into turning that data into meaningful insights, then to take action on these insights. With Obviously AI’s No-code predictive analytics software and Zapier this previously lengthy process can now be performed in mere clicks. So more focus on results whilst Obviously AI and Zapier handles all the heavy lifting.
  • Productivity: In this fast-paced digital world the race to the finish line is more competitive than ever. Instead of compromising on gaining superior insights from the best out of your data simply use Zapier to automate successful actions, while you can focus on reaching your data’s best potential with Obviously AI.
  • Actionable AI: Data-driven organizations are the new norm and are on the lookout for modern tools that promote a collaborative data ecosystem. Obviously AI and Zapier foster a user-friendly environment to make AI actionable across the whole organization. This data-driven environment boosts the overall productivity of all organizational teams, not just data scientists and business analysts.
  • Scalable Actions: By assigning Obviously AI actions to Zap workflows, you have the tools to optimize successful actions at scale. You can start simple and build up to add more integrations as you go. 
  • Next generation AI: Become a part of a live data ecosystem, and work with the latest data to make real-time updates and adjustments to your predictive analysis insights at the speed of light.  

These are just a few of the benefits that come when integrating Obviously AI with Zapier making it simpler than ever to use the best of your AI solutions without having to worry about the plethora of repetitive work. 

Here are some ideas.

Obviously AI + Zapier In Action

Obviously AI’s No-code predictive AI modeling is about to get a lot more productive with Zapier’s workflow automation. The two softwares have joined forces to bring you a more productive AI environment, where important tasks are prioritized and redundant tasks are automated.

With a series of triggers and actions tailored to meet specific use cases, there are a number of different ways you can use Zaps in your Obviously AI workflows. Continue reading to learn about some of these use cases, and discover a variety of possibilities that Obviously AI and Zapier are about to bring to you.

Obviously AI + Zapier: Use Cases

Send prediction outcomes from Obviously AI to Slack channels from new Google Sheets rows

With the Obviously AI and Zapier integration, you can now streamline your Obviously AI predictions from your Google spreadsheets to your team in Slack. Once this integration is active, every new row added in Google Sheets will trigger an AutoML prediction. You can set up notifications to send the prediction result with a custom message to your specified Slack channel.

Keeping all teams updated with accurate insights has never been easier. This integration will empower all team members to receive and react to real-time alerts. It is particularly useful in customer churn prediction models. In case of a churn possibility, you can set triggers for automatically implementing your marketing action plans allowing you to build a 360 degree marketing playbook that reacts in real time.

That's not all! 

In addition to churn prediction, you can use the Obviously AI + Google Sheets + Slack template with various prediction models like, employee attrition, loan approval, lead conversion, and more.

For more information on how to build Auto ML models in Obviously AI check out our playlist here. 

Send Discord channel messages with Obviously AI Time Series forecasts every day

You can now use your Obviously AI and Zapier integration to create time-bound predictions using Obviously AI’s Time Series Forecast and send them to your teams on Discord. 

TimeSeries Forecasts allows you to forecast sales and inventory predictions on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. You can create a Time Series model with timings of your choice. Obviously AI and Zapier automatically make daily forecast predictions triggered by your TimeSeries model and send real-time notifications to your Discord channels.

By bringing together Time Series and Discord, this template enables your teams to stay up-to-date with the forecasted predictions everyday. For example, you can make predictions using your historical data on the closing price of a crypto asset and send them to Discord. You can use this template for creating trading bots, placing trades, automated buying and selling, and so much more. 

That's not all! Time Series can be used to  predict warehouse stock and sales so that your products in demand are never out of stock. Here’s how Obviously AI’s Time Series is currently empowering a customer: How Lifepack use AI to predict inventory and enable sales.

For more information on how to build a Time Series model, check out our video here.

Send Slack channel messages with Obviously AI predictions from new Typeform entries

You can now use your Typeform responses to make prediction outcomes and send recurring alerts to Slack channels. Every new Typeform response will trigger Obviously AI to make AutoML predictions and you can send these predictions to your chosen Slack channels in real-time.

Obviously AI and Zapier have joined forces to enable you to turn your Typeform surveys, questionnaires, and forms into actionable insights. For example, you can use your company’s satisfaction rating responses to measure the satisfaction level of your clients and share the results with your team. This enables your teams to proactively work on keeping a high client satisfaction rate.

With this Obviously AI + Typeform + Slack template, you can do so much with your client’s form responses. In addition to client satisfaction, you can make predictions about your churn rate, conversion rate, loan approval, and many more use cases. 

Send Slack channel messages with Obviously AI predictions from Google Forms

The Obviously AI and Zapier collaboration now enables you to make real-time predictions from your Google Forms submissions and set up custom Slack notifications to chosen channels. Each time someone submits a Google Forms response, it triggers Obviously AI’s AutoML to make predictions that are sent as a message to your desired Slack channel in real-time. 

This integration proactively takes action using the latest data collected using real-time Google Forms entries. Consider for example an employee attrition model, the HR team can utilize Obviously AI and Zapier integration to stay ahead of their employee’s decisions to stay or leave the company. With the Obviously AI + Google Forms + Slack templates employee responses are collected in feedback forms to make predictions about an employee’s probability of leaving. This allows the HR team to make timely improvements to their company from a high attrition rate.

This template applies to more than just employee attrition models. You can perform all kinds of predictive modeling on your live Google Forms entries.

Obviously AI + Zapier: Start Doing More With Obviously AI 

The use cases mentioned above are just a tip of the iceberg of the many ways Zapier and Obviously work together. With Zapier removing the load of recurring tasks, you can start doing so much more with Obviously AI’s features and integrations. The features remain the same, but the choices and possibilities are endless.

Get busy with putting your Obviously AI predictions to good use while Zapier takes care of the rest.

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