Modernize Your Shopify Store With AI-Driven Predictions

Illustration by Pablo Stanley
Words by Nirman Dave

Data and eCommerce is fragmented. Most Shopify merchants end up pouring thousands of dollars on tools that do email marketing, automated reminders and social media advertising in attempts to grow revenue. Best companies, like the HBO Store, Soylent, etc. succeed with data. They use data to understand, analyze and take actions that multiply their sales revenue. But, they have an army of data science experts to guide them. Now you don’t need an army of data science experts to make customer behavior predictions.

At Obviously AI, we make use of your Shopify store data to combine it with our mission to make AI technology effortless and automatically understand your customer’s past behavior and predict future behavior to help you multiply store revenue by 10x. 

What does this mean?

Shopify has their own analytics, but it only tells you what has happened, not what’s going to happen. 

For the first time ever, Shopify merchants can now make use of advanced AI to predict their customers behavior without knowing how to do programming or any complex mathematics. Here are things you can predict using Obviously AI’s Shopify App:

  1. Which customers will buy again?
  2. Predict who will come back and how much they will spend. Then, engage them with a reminder in one click. Boom, you just make 10x money in a single click.
  3. Which demographic will have the highest sales?
  4. Predict which locations yield a 10x revenue and only target those in your outreach. Saving thousands of dollars in ad spend.
  5. Which referral sites to double down on?
  6. Predict which partnering websites are most likely to be successful and save time from working with others.

We’ve even made individual guides on each type of predictions:

  1. Sales Forecasting
  2. Customer Retention
  3. Channel Attribution 

Shopify Store Owners Don’t Have to Wing It Anymore

After several months of talking to Shopify store owners, we started to realize that most have trouble finding meaning in their data. Some can use Google Analytics at best, if they've got the initial setup right. Eventually, most growth decisions are made on gut feeling and Shopify merchants end up winging it. So how can we make it easy to tap into this data and take action on it? 

To solve this, we took an extremely simple approach, one that's never been taken before. We packed the entire process of finding the data, building an AI algorithm and automating actions in just one simple click

That's it, no code, no hiring data science teams, just one simple click.

You start by picking the question you want to answer, then simply click the “Predict” button and sit back while the app does it’s job. In just under 30 seconds, you will see the result pop up!

You can now instantly see a list of predictions for each outcome, get insights in the form of interactive graphs and explore the factors that cause the predicted outcome.

Additionally, you can export your predictions into a spreadsheet file and share with others. You can also quickly refresh your data to set up these predictions in real time. If you need support or have questions about how to use the tool, we’re here for support 24x7!

Why No-Code Machine Learning and eCommerce Go Hand-In-Hand

Data and eCommerce is currently fragmented. Machine learning brings them together. Shopify merchants didn’t have a tool like this until now. 

Our Shopify app will make your store more competitive. You can now use data to your advantage to get ahead of competitors the same way large Shopify stores do. Increase sales and customer loyalty simply with one button!

If you’re just as excited as we are, join our waitlist to be the first to know when you can make predictions inside of Shopify.

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