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Scale your AI efforts with a dedicated data scientist.

Illustrations by Cecilia Giglio
Words by Nirman Dave

Obviously, no-code tools have a way of getting initiatives off the ground. They allow anyone to be a designer, product builder, or data scientist. They have proven to be a quick and affordable way to build your company’s website or create tools effortlessly. When it comes to data science, no-code ML does a fantastic job of jumpstarting a company’s machine learning efforts. 

With any tool there’s a spectrum of impact. Once you start using a tool, you begin to ask yourself “What’s the farthest this tool can take my business?”

You might turn to the traditional and still highly-effective ways of getting the most out of a product.


  • Reading our blog to educate yourself on ML literacy
  • Joining our Twitter community to discuss AI trends and product updates
  • Add a dedicated expert to your team

Another approach can be learning machine learning on your own, but think of it like this:

Let’s focus on the last point. In the case of machine learning, what can a dedicated Data Science do to scale your data science efforts?

What is a Dedicated Data Scientist?

Imagine someone who can work with you, as if they are a part of your team. You know, add them to your Slack channels, send them AI GIFs, and talk about scaling your company's machine learning initiatives. A dedicated Data Scientist can give you guidance in your industry and your data to help you succeed with predictive analytics.

Typically Data Scientist help with the following:

Help Understand algorithms and expand your technical machine learning knowledge

Inside our platform, we have a “Tech Specs” tab inside our Predict tool. A dedicated Data Scientist can kind of act like an unabridged version of that. They can help you understand exactly what’s happening with your data between hitting the “Go” button and the Prediction Reports. The Data Scientist has a technical machine learning background to help you expand your knowledge.  

Advise what you can do with your data and inspire impactful predictions

One of our goals is to inspire creativity with machine learning. No-code tools allow you to be incredibly creative, and with a dedicated Data Scientist you can be inspired exponentially by expanding your data literacy and guide you to make impactful decisions.

Provide industry specific guidance on how to succeed with predictions

A dedicated Data Scientist is an experienced expert who has seen how various industries use their data creatively. They can guide you through the thought process of making predictions based off of your industry.

Work with your team to answer any immediate questions and thoughts

Troubleshooting requires time your business may not have. A dedicated Data Scientist is a member of your team—one who knows your company’s pain points personally and can provide the best solutions for you quickly.

We Provide a Dedicated Data Scientist Because It’ll Scale Your Machine Learning

Providing a dedicated Data Scientist is a part of our mission to make data science effortless for all. We've always aimed for our users to be incredibly creative with their data and a data expert you have a personal relationship can turn up creativity and impact exponentially.

Once you've signed up as a Pro or Pro Plus user, we will connect you to your dedicated Data Scientist. Then, you can Invite them to your Slack workplace and treat them as a part of your own team. Feel free to ask them questions about AI/ML and what you can do with your data.

If you’re on the Basic plan, you can simply get started by clicking upgrade in the top right corner inside your account.

Have more questions? Reach out to us through the chat icon or book a demo.

Become the Data Scientist your team always needed.

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