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Obviously AI users make 26M predictions and save 200K hours each month by adopting no-code AI. What would you like to predict today?


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Each time you send a row to AI model to get a predicted value back, it counts as one prediction.

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Each time you send a row to AI model to get a predicted value back, it counts as one prediction.

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Why Obviously AI?


Obviously AI businesses have made 21M predictions in a matter of seconds, saving 200K hours each month.


Fundamentally designed for any member of your team. Including those without a technical background.

Data Science

Our best in class data science team provides support with data cleaning, model building and taking action.


What is the pricing based on?

The pricing depends on number of predictions and level of support required.

What counts for a prediction?

Every time you send a row or record to your ML model and it returns a result it counts as a single prediction. For example - Sending a single record via API and returning a result counts as a single prediction. Uploading a CSV with 100 rows of data and producing prediction results for each row counts at 100 predictions.

What are limits on data upload?

No limit - you can upload/import as much data as you have, we do not charge for uploaded data or its storage. However, if we identify cases where the platform is not used as intended, we reserve the right to limit individual account storage size and will reach out to discuss more.

What is a Dedicated Data Scientist?

A Dedicated Data Scientist is an individual from our team that can help you & your team answer all questions about machine learning / data science and provide hands on support with data cleaning, increasing model performance etc. Think of them as an extension of your team, you can add them to your Slack, Microsoft Teams, instant messaging, etc. and book a call with them anytime.

What is API access and how to use it?

APIs enable you to export your predictions to your own app, internal tool, website, and much more. It is a way to get the predictions to display outside your account. Learn more on

What code files can I download?

You can download Python code files of the model in .pkl format for each model you build.

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