Nirman Dave

Co-Founder, CEO
“It's not about ideas, it's about making things happen.”

Nirman loves working on new ideas and game changing products. He has majored in Machine Learning & Behavioral Economics from Hampshire College & MIT, has started 2 VC-funded companies and has been awarded the Rajeev Circle Fellowship '15 and the INK Fellowship '18.

Besides data science and business, Nirman loves to binge watch online shows, has a passion for stage plays & contemporary art and loves playing board games.

Blog Posts

Workforce Planning in 2020 With Predictive Analytics

For this use case we will divide how to use machine learning for labor planning into 2 sections: Improving Employee Experience and Optimizing the Hiring Process

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Give Up the SQL Query and Gain Data Independence

Being data-independent promotes collaboration, speed, and creativity with analyzing and making predictions.

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Your Team's Success Depends on Your Data Literacy

So you’ve added ML into your workflow, now what? How do you analyze and get value out of the data you collected? You have to be data literate.

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We’re Celebrating 1 Year of Obviously AI

We've been around a full year. Feel old yet? See our past accomplishments as we look towards the future.

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Reasons to Master No-Code Machine Learning

Here are the top reasons to master no-code machine learning vs traditional machine learning.

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How we got started in an AirBNB garage

Obviously AI's origin story, starting right out of an AirBNB garage in San Francisco.

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