Jack Riewe

Content Marketing
“ It ain’t whatcha write, It’s the way atcha write it.” - Jack Kerouac

Full-time writer, part-time rock climber and concert mosher. I love writing about the intersection of creativity and Machine Learning.

Blog Posts

Using Data to Apply Uber-Like Dynamic Pricing

Here are some examples of how to use data to apply dynamic pricing for your business.

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Introducing Machine Learning into your Workflow

Let’s talk about the steps it takes to become an AI collaborator, like Toro y Moi.

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Non-Technical Definitions of AI, ML, and PA

Let’s define AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics in an easy, non-technical way.

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An Intro to Creative Data Predictions

While data can make everyone an oracle, not everyone knows the capability of creative AI.

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A Machine Learning Blog for Non-Techies

We discuss our process behind creating this blog and the topics that we will write about.

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