Become the Data Scientist your team always needed.

Quickly build machine learning models and use them to predict outcomes in minutes, without writing a single line of code.

Why Obviously AI?

There are just so many things that take you away from focusing on business decisions, we believe learning or building AI systems, shouldn't be one.

Insanely fast

Save 30hrs /week by building 1,000s of machine learning models in just one click. Obviously AI picks the best one for you and makes it ready to use.

Always ready

Forget about taking up server space to run your models. Simply log in to your account and your model will always be ready to use.

No maintenance

Models break all the time with new data, outliers and system failures. Obviously AI automatically maintains everything and gets better over time.

Easy Actions,
Incredible ROI.

Building models is just the start. Truly become AI driven by using your predictions to automate decisions and drive business value.


Discover all possibilities

The future can go many different ways. Simulate what-if scenarios and predict outcomes in a matter of seconds.


Drive AI in your app

Forget managing messy code and complex AI deployments. Supercharge your platform with AI, in just one line of code.


Export as web app

Empower everyone in your team to make use of AI by sharing interactive and collaborative reports, built for non-technical members.

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Exceptional Reliability, Fully Explainable.

We’re committed to delivering reliable AI that always works as planned so you have the confidence to make significant business decisions.

know everything

Know everything

Learn exactly what's going on with your models, deep dive into hyper-parameters and know exactly how system works.

builtfor visability

Built for visibility

Forget black box algorithms, get full visibility and control on your system with visualizations on how your models think.

control of your models

In control of your models.

Curious about what's out there? Discover other competing ML models and try them on your dataset.

your AI journey

Kickstart© is our proprietary onboarding + training experience built to get you success with Machine Learning, without writing code. Available for Pro users only.

Learning Materials

Materials built to help you and your team master data science concepts and become gurus in AI, all without learning code.

Concierge Onboarding

Getting started with ML can be daunting, that's why we are here to help you kickstart your ML journey by setting up everything you need to get going.

Dedicated Data Scientist

We match you with a data scientist that understands your business and makes industry-specific best practice recommendations.

Designed to transition you into AI

Marketing Teams

Transform decision making by predicting campaign outcomes, customer churn, up-sell / cross-sell, funnel modeling and much more.

Data Teams

Decrease repetitive backlog by accelerating model building and deployment for you and your internal teams.

Product Teams

Predict customer engagement and KPIs OR power your product with AI. All in just a few button clicks.

Powered by

Cutting Edge AI

Logistic Regression

Neural Networks

k-Nearest Neighbors

Gradient Boosting Regressor

ID3 Decision Trees


Elastic Nets

Naïve Bayes

Random Forests

Obviously AI is built on state of the art machine learning algorithms (such as - Neural Nets, Recurrent Neural Nets, Conv. Nets, LSTMs, Naïve Bayes, ID3, K-Means, Logistic Regression and much more) that drive data predictions in minutes, without writing code.

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