What Data Analyst Category Do I Fall Into in 2020?

Illustrations by Susana Ortiz and Pablo Stanley
Words by Jack Riewe

You may have asked yourself this question before: What kind of data analyst am I? Or how do my strengths fall into the emerging technologies of 2020? 

We are living in the future by the way. Data is power and you are the oracle. It’s very common and important to do a bit of self reflection and see what type of analyst you are in this data landscape. With the introduction of no-code machine learning, the type of analyst you are might have changed a bit.

Maybe you’re a Data Wrangler, or Innovator, Communicator, or the Machine Learning Mastermind.

The only way to know is to take our short quiz and find out! 

After you get your results, read the descriptions below to test for accuracy. 

Data Wrangler

Strengths: Data Collection, Management, Building Data Quality Plan

Howdy Data Wrangler! You probably have tons of experience managing data, performing user research and ensuring the quality and accuracy of the data collection process.

You and data are best friends as you know the ins and outs of your datasets and how they will translate into insights. You can list all of the popular databases on command. You might start collecting personal data of your own behavior to make data predictions, subsequently wondering if you are actually AI yourself.

You are the master of the data quality plan, you’ve listened to the 99% Invisible podcast on bias data collection, read our piece on collaborative ML, and you’d rather write SQL for 24 hours straight than have biased, incomplete, or null columns in your dataset.

Your team needs you and you are the Data Wrangler.

How Obviously AI can help you: We make the data science process collaborative. You can add team members and see the entire prediction, datasets, algorithms used, dates the prediction was made and more inside our app. This makes data management and transparency so much easier.

The Data Innovator

Strengths: Best Practices, Competitive Analysis, Large Twitter Following

You are the innovator at your company. While having built a strong community on Twitter you also may have #NoCode or #Automation in your bio as you retweet everything Ben Tossell tweets. 

You have a solid grasp of the tools out there to maximize efficiency, you have 10 free trials going on at once, and you're excellent at convincing your manager to bring on a new tool to increase ROI. 

Your team needs you because you are open minded, make things easier (sometimes), and are keen on industry trends, new tech, and what the competition is doing. You know what is possible with your data and what tools you can use to make your data insights better.

How Obviously AI can help you: We are lead innovators in data science. You can make data predictions in 1 minute with Obviously AI, increasing efficiency and decreasing time spent on the ML process. On top of that, we have a large #nocode community on Twitter and writers for our blog. Follow us to join the conversation. Follow us on Twitter!

The Data Communicator

Strengths: Data Visualization, Creativity, Data Literacy

The communicator is incredibly important at taking complex data findings and communicating them to an exec team. You can quickly answer what the data means, how it affects the business and what you can take away from a data prediction. 

You are a master at creating Prediction Reports and user personas to explore every scenario. You can talk about data as fluidly as you can run creative predictions to get to the bottom of something. Some would say your analogies are top-class just like your presentations are.

You are a scholar, a data literate powerhouse and your team needs you now more than ever. As SMBs are adding machine learning initiatives to their strategy, you need to be there to communicate the ins and outs of their user data.

How Obviously AI can help you: When you make a prediction, Obviously AI gives you interactive graphs you can quickly share and export into a spreadsheet. This improves communication and understanding of what your data is saying and minimizes the time from insight to action.

The Data Mastermind

Strengths: SQL, Understanding the ML process, Identifying optimization opportunities

If someone brings up SQL, you have a mental episode, unearthing the trauma you had to go through as a machine learning engineer. Some of your past data science team members may say you’ve gone rogue, chose a different life or whatever—but you know better. You are your team’s generalist and have excellent knowledge of end to end data collection and analysis. 

Now you live the #NoCode life, you are better for it and can quickly translate hundreds of predictions a week to non-technical teams. You most likely manage the data initiatives of a business and are rapidly scaling them. 

Your hard life is behind you and now you can ditch code to focus on creativity, agility, and guiding budding data scientists on their data journey. 

How Obviously AI can help you: You are the best at identifying optimization. As a mastermind, you know the importance of quickness, transparency, and accuracy in the data science process. Obviously AI can scale ML in a business without a data science team. You are probably the most experienced data expert in the company, let us help you. Sit back and manage the ML process and allow us to make quick predictions for you.

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