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A Machine Learning Blog for Non-Techies

Jack Riewe

A couple of questions we asked ourselves when deciding how to reveal the absolute best blog for a non-technical audience to creatively use Machine Learning included: How can we show innovative and creative approaches to Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics? What about those who take a non-technical approach to these topics? Is that even a thing? We can go down an introspective-question rabbit hole, but why don’t we think out loud in a blog post? Oops, there we go again. 

Let us explain the purpose of the Obviously AI blog by first defining who our content will inspire.

There’s a Difference Between Techies and Non-Techies.

We believe Machine Learning should be available to everyone. When defining our content audience, we broke down into two categories. We believe those who take a non-technical approach to AI and ML are in the non-techie category. When we say non-techies, we mean business users focus on other aspects of day-to-day tasks apart from coding or being a Machine Learning guru. With Obviously AI, you don’t need those skills to unleash your creativity. However, if you do have those skills, stay tuned (and engage with us if you wish to) as we will dive into more technical subjects as our blog gets older.

Non-Techie: Anyone using the platform who doesn’t have a background using machine learning or coding algorithms. 

Techie: Anyone who has programming or other technical skills.

Can a Non-Technical Person Learn Machine Learning?

While the majority of business users believe that AI and ML is reserved for the technical audience, we believe the opposite. A person with a non-technical background, say a marketer or CEO for example, can use AI and ML to enhance their business.

Going back to Obviously AI’s origin story the purpose of our platform and blog will be to help non-technical data analysts use the power of ML without ML expertise. We want to put ML in the hands of everyone to use their data creatively to make predictions. We know non-techies are asking crucial questions about their data but hit a technical barrier when it comes to using AI algorithms and knowing what to look for in data.

In today’s world, data is increasingly valuable and it’s piling up everywhere you look. There are infinite possibilities with the data businesses collect from their customers. With machine learning and data predictions, our goal is to help non-techies grasp what is possible. 

This Blog Will Cover Everything From Machine Learning Creativity to the Future of Work to Data Literacy.

When sitting down as a team to decide what kind of content we will bring to our audience, we looked back at our mission statement:

“Our mission is to put machine learning into the hands of everyday business users and unleash them to be incredibly creative with it.”

From our mission statement, we came up with some ideas. “Put Machine Learning Into the Hands”,Everyday Business Users,” and “Creativity” guided us in choosing some categories to start with. 

Creativity: We didn’t just want to educate people in ML, but truly explore ways in which your business can be creative with data and solve solutions that before weren’t possible without AI technology. Every day, humans are doing incredible things with AI and ML, let’s talk about it. 

An image of Obviously AI's Machine Learning Platform showing Mt Rainier Climbing Success Rate.
Here is an example of using Mt. Rainier weather and climbing route data to understand when the best time to summit Mt. Rainier in Washington is. While this isn’t necessarily a business decision, it shows a creative approach to data to get a prediction in non-technical language.

Future of Work: You’ve definitely seen and read a lot about AI automation and the future of work recently. Many people believe that AI and automation landed on Earth to steal their jobs. There’s certainly a lot of scary (but clickable) articles on how AI will take your job. However, we’re not the majority. If you keep up with how AI is being used creatively, you’ll see the smart ones are doing insanely brilliant things with the technology. Things like demand forecasting, predicting customer churn, credit card fraud, reducing labor costs, and the list goes on and on.  One of the biggest challenges we will face as a business is to show how these technologies can enhance your everyday tasks and make all-around better decisions for your business. 

Data Literacy: Walk into the classroom to learn how to get the most out of your data. The importance of data analysis and know what your data means is crucial to making business decisions. This category will include educational content and walkthroughs to give your company a competitive edge with data. 

A list of fear-based artificial intelligence articles.

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