Everything Behind Our New Site, Updated Plans, and Mission

As an AI company, we need to find ways to stay human. We have always aimed to empower human creativity with data and democratize machine learning for everyone

To do this, we took a deep look at ourselves and the progress we’ve made at Obviously AI since launching.

In January, we launched our machine learning platform that allows anyone to make data predictions and analyze their data. We knew that this was the tip of the iceberg for making data science effortless and there were tons of features and updates on our roadmap. (Up next, a Zapier integration!)

With over 1.5K users, it was now time to reflect on what we've done well and how we can focus on building something meaningful for our users.

Here is everything we’ve learned, improvements we’ve made, and our focused mission to democratize data science.

We’re Doubling Down on Data Predictions

We started with natural language predictions and analytics and quickly realized that the key value wasn't in the natural language as much as it was in the predictions that users sought and the actions they wanted to take. It turns out that the flexibility of natural language became an opportunity for option paralysis among our users. That's why, to build a more seamless workflow, we have decided to replace natural language with a more intuitive user interface. We call it, the data dialog.

The data dialog is an advanced feature that enables you to manipulate your data simply by dragging and dropping columns. To use this, you can toggle the advanced view and get to choose which columns to include or not include in your predictions. Additionally, you can also add filters. This means no more wrangling CSV files, no more manual clean up just click a button to add a filter. 

For example, let's say we only want to look at users in the U.K. We click a button, select location column and choose U.K. That's it!

This allows for greater accuracy and transparency of what you’re predicting. 

The introduction of data dialog marks the end of natural language and brings our deep focus and commitment to predictions while making machine learning incredibly effortless.

Introducing a Plan for Early Startups

As we started to work with businesses, we saw that many small startups were often sidelined. They had strong use cases and value add in running data science without code, but often failed to find plans that suited their needs.

That’s why, we’re introducing a FREE plan tailored for early startups that enables you to run predictions on your historical data without writing code. To add to that, we have introduced another new plan geared towards small businesses called the Basic plan. Here you can add more data and get access to our premium data science consultation. Similarly, the Pro plan, geared towards mid-sized businesses that want to take action on their prediction through API and Database connections.

Eventually, a Custom plan for larger teams that have specific needs. The idea is to truly democratize AI for businesses of all sizes without breaking the bank. 

Visit our pricing page here.

We’ve Redesigned Our Entire Site

We didn’t want to stop with just new pricing and market fit, we wanted a whole new look and feel to our image. We needed something to make our offering clear: Data Predictions in Minutes, Without Writing Code. 

Going back to why we built Obviously AI, we wanted our site to be a place that enabled creativity with data. We wanted to cultivate other forms of creativity, such as illustrations and dynamic use cases to make our site a fun place to hangout. We’ve updated our blog imagery and moved towards illustration style images to spread our message. We believe this is more cohesive to our brand. 

As Always, We Push On to Make Data Science Effortless

With our focused direction, advanced plans, and new designs, we will push on as leaders of no-code machine learning and continue to democratize machine learning for all

Thank you for reading and don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter

Lastly, we know this has been a hard year for everyone and we predict it will get better.

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