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We’re Celebrating 1 Year of Obviously AI

Nirman Dave

Has it already been a year of predicting? Yes, Obviously AI is now 1 year old with tons of accomplishments—and we predict many more in the future.

Warning! This is a brag post.

While providing others with an easy way to access predictive analytics without writing code, we’ve worked with the best VCs and integrated with the Berkeley SkyDeck community to provide guidance on our startup journey. While the road has been tough a strange as we often have to adapt and practice agility being a young company, the most important thing I wanted to accomplish this year was to challenge the way people think about machine learning. Machine learning is a very complex technology and despite popular belief isn’t out to replace us, but make us more creative with our business solutions. I want to challenge the way people think about using data to make valuable predictions and break away from the traditional ML process. That’s why we created Obviously AI: to deliver a simpler, quicker, and easier approach to machine learning. 

Here are some things we’ve accomplished in the short time we’ve been in existence:

We Moved From an Airbnb to an Office in Downtown Berkeley.

We had a classic Silicon Valley start in an Airbnb garage with just the two of us. Tapojit, now CTO of Obviously AI, was my college friend and roommate who decided to go on this crazy adventure with me to discover how to ask questions from your data without a coding background. Tapojit and I spent months building a platform to make data predictions with the most accuracy possible—and it turned out pretty well: 

Once we created this prototype, we took a step back and realized we optimized the entire machine learning workflow that included cleaning data, building models, and making data predictions from the models to just inserting data and typing in questions.

Obviously AI was born in an Airbnb garage, but soon outgrew our tiny space. We quickly moved to an office in downtown Berkeley and continued to change how others can harness the power of machine learning and predictive analytics.

Read more about our origin story here

We’ve Delivered 1,000+ Predictions from Insurance to SaaS Businesses.

And many more in between. Data predictions have an enormous business value that doesn’t just encompass one or a few industries. We have worked with companies that need predictive analytics for their software platforms to predict subscriptions churn, in-app purchases, referral fraud to those in the gaming industry who want to predict live stream stats or wins and losses. We also work with many others in the healthcare, insurance, retail, marketing, and banking industries, delivering insights to spaces wanting to implement a data-driven approach.

Read more about how we help companies here.

We Started the First-Of-Its-Kind Machine Learning Blog

A couple of months ago, we began publishing articles on how to be creative with machine learning and giving actionable use cases of no-code AI. 

This is a big part of how we’re challenging the established thought-process on machine learning. There is an option to sift through data science articles and pick and choose useful information through technical jargon, but if you’re not a data scientist or programmer those articles may not be of use to you. 

With our blog posts, we’re keeping the everyday business users in mind. Business Analysts or product teams need to know where and how to apply a no-code machine learning process to their workflow and how data should intersect with their business decisions. Most of all, those looking to make predictions from their data must know the possibilities of predictive analytics to be fully creative with it. Creativity is the key to solving problems in business. 

Visit our blog here

We Opened Our Data Prediction Platform For Anyone to Signup. Oh, Wait—We Didn’t Do That Yet.

The easiest way to keep up with our product and company updates is to subscribe to our newsletter. Yes, this is a shameless plug, but someone has to do it. 

We will soon open the Obviously AI platform to all to explore the possibilities of predictive analytics. We also have some awesome new product features Tapojit’s team has been working on. 

Stay tuned! And lastly, thank you for all your support!

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