Add Machine Learning to Your App With Our Low-Code API

Illustration by Vijay Verma
Words by Tapoji Debnath

Hello, I'm Tapojit! I'm the CTO at Obviously AI. We launched our no-code machine learning platform a couple of weeks back and since then we’ve been in listening mode. We asked users to give feedback in return for a gift card. We’ve also been in building mode. Our team has been building new and improving current features to improve our user’s time making data predictions and analyzing data. 

One of the features we were super pumped to release is the first low-code machine learning API powered by Obviously AI's natural language engine. You will now be able to power your app with machine learning and analytics with a single line of code. This API Integration can automate tasks, add predictions to your dashboard, and more.

Visit here to learn more about the API. Visit the settings page inside the Obviously AI app to generate your API key.

What Is an API in Machine Learning?

Let’s start with what an API is. An API is a middleman for two applications to talk to each other. Our API will pull information from the Obviously AI platform and deliver it to your app.

A machine learning API can add data science to your application using our natural language process. A machine learning API like ours can do things like pull prediction reports, pull prediction values, integrate a search bar to ask our platform questions and export the results to your app. Essentially, you’ll be able to make data predictions and analytic reports using Obviously AI inside your own application. 

What Can Technical Users Can Do With the API?

With this API, technical users will be able to create an app that delivers live predictions to your users or make live predictions about your users. 

One example would be dynamic pricing. While using the API, you can input your user’s attributions and Obviously AI can provide the optimum price a user will pay—the same way Uber bases their ride prices off of demand and driver availability. 

What Can a Non-Technical User Do With the API?

If you’re a more non-technical user, you might have a no-code tech stack in place. With our API, you can integrate machine learning into your no-code stack. If you use no-code tools like Zapier or Bubble you can begin to automate predictions and take actions from them. 

For example, you can set up auto predictions to predict how likely a user is to make an in-app purchase based on data. Based on your settings, you can perform actions such as:

If the probability of one of your users to make an in-app purchase is over 80%, send an auto-email nudging them with a discount, coupon, etc. 

Our API Is Ready To Go

You can get started using the Obviously API to power your app with natural language machine learning right now with a free trial of our Pro Account.

We will be making some more exciting announcements about upcoming features that will change how you approach data science in the coming weeks. If you don’t want to miss it, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page!

Thank you for supporting us as we continue to build a no-code ml tool and make data science effortless for all. ✌️

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