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5 Startups Using Machine Learning Creatively

Tanuj Surve

Every company is sitting on its own stockpile of data they can use to creatively predict. One of the main purposes of this machine learning blog for non-techies is to inspire data analysts, product managers, or other business users to use ML to solve everyday business solutions.

We’ve compiled a list of companies that are using ML and data to improve their business and products. 


The Seattle augmented writing company can accurately predict the best language to create a more inclusive hiring ad. Textio shifts through your company’s historical data and formulates messaging that best represents your wanted vision and values—then translates them into job descriptions. Using machine learning in this way also eliminates subconscious gender bias that would fly under the radar and creates more inclusive job descriptions. This is a great example of using data creatively to solve a common business problem.


The London-based legal tech company, Luminance, analyzes legal documents and extracts important data within the text with machine learning and pattern recognition. Yes, I did say “legal tech.” Machine learning is touching an industry that has been previously untouched by technology. This use of ML takes out tedious work from humans and allows them to focus on tasks that require human decision making and reasoning. 

Benevolent AI

Benevolent AI is changing how we develop and test pharmaceuticals using bioscience data and predictive modeling to discover more about diseases and how we treat them. Like Obviously, Benevolent applies machine learning and predictive analytics to medicine, allowing humans to find and treat illness in a more effective way. 

Cleo AI

Who knew a mobile personal financial assistant can also be kind of a friend? Cleo uses AI to advise you on your monetary decisions using a chatbot and your past spending data. Cleo uses Natural Language Processing to create a conversation with human-like intelligence. This is a great example of a B2C AI and putting ML in the hands of everyday users to make better decisions. Cleo also proves AI is a tool and collaborator to help improve a traditionally tedious task.

It’s interesting to see AI make an impact on retail, an industry where understanding customer behavior to predict demand is invaluable. is a full automation platform that aims to reduce costs, improve customer, and drive conversions. According to their site, they work by, “[helping] you digitally map your products' DNA to create one-of-a-kind retail experiences for your customers and translate product information into the language that your teams can understand and make business decisions with.”

What Do All of These Startups Have in Common?

They are all getting ahead of their competition using machine learning in spaces not traditionally known for their tech. Textio is changing the way we speak in recruiting talent, Luminance is spearheading legal tech, Benevolent is impacting the way we use bioscience data, Cleo is changing the financial industry, and is solving age-old retail problems. 

Additionally, just like Obviously AI customers, these companies are adopting machine learning and adding it to their workflow to solve business solutions. Nowadays every company can be a machine learning company in order to accurately predict and implement new ways of doing something. 

To learn how to add machine learning into your workflow, check out this article or request a demo to jump on a call with us about how Obviously AI can provide predictive analytics for your business. 

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