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Data predictions for the Marketing industry


Predict customer behavior, build personas and identify top demographics.

Marketing and AI

Whether it’s social media, digital advertising, buyer personas, content marketing, or any other new influencer solutions, today's marketers need to engage with prospects and customers on an increasingly personalized level. Making broad marketing strategies, less impactful than before.

That’s why forward-thinking companies are turning to machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict both customer and prospect behavior at an individual level, resulting in improved customer relations, operations, and return on investment (ROI). This allows innovative marketing teams to uncover business insights hidden in large sources of data like customer surveys, website traffic, purchase behavior, and more. With machine learning, marketers can enhance targeted campaigns, boost revenue for the organization, improve customer service, and optimize operations throughout the department.

But for most marketers, getting started quickly with this new technology seems impossible without an army of software engineers. We are here to change that-- Obviously AI automates machine learning so you can run data predictions in minutes with just a few button clicks.

Below are some of the top use cases of Obviously AI’s predictive analytics in the Marketing industry.

1. Predict Churn and Lifetime Value (LTV)

Determining the value of each customer, including likely future spending and the resulting profit margins, is a vital factor in deciding where to aim personalized marketing efforts. Lifetime customer value models determine the likely profit each individual customer will generate over the entire customer relationship, as well as when a customer is likely to churn; allowing marketers to focus their efforts on those likely to be most profitable eventually reducing churn and increasing revenues.

2. Predict Net Promoter Score (NPS)

With data from customer satisfaction surveys, Obviously AI can uncover the factors contributing to a customer’s net promoter score. Eventually by applying these predictions to customers not included in the survey, companies can predict those customers' likely scores and focus their efforts on those likely to be most loyal. These insights allow marketers to understand the true drivers of customer experience and effectively focus their resources on its improvement.

3. Funnel Modeling

Marketers want to know how likely website visitors are to provide contact information, ask for further product details, or purchase a particular product. Obviously AI's predictions can offer unprecedented insight into visitor behavior, allowing businesses to optimize their web design and product offerings accordingly.

4. Next Best Offer, Cross-Sell, and Up-Sell

Retaining and developing existing customers is much more cost-effective than acquiring new ones, and marketers that effectively encourage purchases from existing customers get the most lifetime value from each customer. Using customer demographic and purchase data, Obviously AI can identify which customers will be interested in other products and which customers will be interested in upgrading existing products. Allowing marketers to determine which touch points will likely result in the desired action.

5. Multichannel Marketing Attribution

Despite the million-dollar budgets for online advertising, content creation, TV ads, and other initiatives, business can’t reliably attribute a sale to the specific marketing activity that resulted in that sale. Obviously AI can predict how each touchpoint affects sales, determine which are the most effective, and reveal how different campaigns affect buying patterns in order to optimize ROI.

Why Obviously AI?

Obviously AI's predictions come at an unparalleled speed of less than a minute and an incredible accuracy. We strive to ensure that both you and your clients, win.

  1. Incredible Speed: Obviously AI delivers predictions in under 30 seconds.
  2. Works with raw data: Forget about writing SQL queries to wrangle your data. Just ask a question in plain english (e.g. "What is predicted NPS score for all customers on the Standard plan?") and it will auto-find the right data for your prediction. Learn more about how it's done here.
  3. Great Accuracy: Prediction results often see 70-85% starting accuracy, update automatically and get better with time. Allowing you, to export these reports with confidence

Join companies like AAA Insurance and CocaCola in transforming how your business makes data driven decisions.

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