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A well known D2C brand predicted labor requirements in their stores to best prepare for big event sales.

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Hiring and managing staff can be a challenge in retail environments where turnover is greater than in many industries. With Obviously AI, companies can optimize staff schedules to ensure coverage without over-staffing. In addition, you can analyze employee satisfaction and drive insights into why employees stay or leave.

This well known D2C brand was preparing for a large sale in its stores across San Francisco Bay Area and wanted to experiment with managing labor planning. Prior to using Obviously AI, their labor planning was unstructured and spontaneous.

The Solution

The company conducted extensive market research and chose Obviously AI’s predictive analytics platform for their needs. 

The BI team used Obviously AI’s platform to train a model to analyze their customer’s demographic and behavioral data to answer the following questions:

1. Expected daily foot traffic in stores
2. Expected labor requirement during time of day

The Results

The company increased efficiency by 34% on the day of the sale.

Obviously AI’s platform allowed the existing BI team to build the AI model within 7 days, versus 4 months it would require a data science team, and at a significantly lower cost. This enabled the data science team to focus on other larger projects.

Most notably, the company empowered its existing BI team with the capability of building state of the art AI predictive analytics models, without the need for an on-call data scientist.

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