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Data predictions for the Healthcare industry


Optimize hospital readmissions, drug adherence, no-show patients and more.

Healthcare and AI

Today's healthcare industries have been using machine learning to gain competitive advantage by increasing efficiency and reducing cost. Optimization of the business area along with value based care is the ultimate goal of all the organizations in the healthcare.

With healthcare data is growing exponentially, Obviously AI can work with you to help turn the piles of data found in electronic medical records, diagnostic data, and medical claims information into cutting-edge insights and predictions tailored to your healthcare application.

Below are some of the key use cases of Obviously AI’s predictive analytics in the Healthcare industry.

1. Reduce Readmissions

Readmissions can lead to significant cost increase for the payer, hospital, as well as patients. Using Obviously AI, you can predict and prevent hospital readmissions. Leading to more efficient use of scarce hospital resources while improving the overall quality of care that patients receive.

2. Predict Drug Adherence

Patients with chronic diseases who do not consistently take their medications lead to more than $100 billion in preventable costs annually. Using Obviously AI, you can predict which patients are less likely to adhere to prescribed drug regimen and create the right intervention plan to increase medication adherence.

3. Predict No-Shows

No-show appointments are costly for providers and payers, but they can also be costly for patients because skipping medical appointments can lead to untreated medical conditions and adverse health outcomes. Obviously AI can help predict these no-shows, allowing decision-makers with the information they need to rearrange schedules, craft interventions, and proactively engage patients.

4. Predict Length of Stay

A primary predictors of cost is length of stay- longer stays not only place patients at higher risk of hospital-acquired conditions, but they also constrain hospital bed availability and physician time. With Obviously AI, you can predict the length of a patient's stay, which creates greater scheduling flexibility, reduces costs, enables targeted interventions for at-risk patients, and helps organizations transform to value-based care.

5. Predict Churn

Payers and providers lose money when members decline renewal with the health plan or when patients do not return to their facilities. Payers and providers can use Obviously AI to incorporate patient retention risks into their organization’s workflow, leading to reductions in non-renewals and patients not returning for further treatments.

Why Obviously AI?

Obviously AI's predictions come at an unparalleled speed of less than a minute and an incredible accuracy. We strive to ensure that both you and your patients, win.

  1. Incredible Speed: Obviously AI delivers predictions in under 30 seconds.
  2. Works with raw data: Forget about writing SQL queries to wrangle your data. Just ask a question in plain english (e.g. "Which patients are likely to be a no-show this week?") and it will auto-find the right data for your prediction. Learn more about how it's done here.
  3. Great Accuracy: Prediction results often see 70-85% starting accuracy, update automatically and get better with time. Allowing you, to export these reports with confidence.

Join companies like AAA Insurance and Payssurance in transforming how your business makes data driven decisions.

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