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Several up and coming businesses identified their ideal customer profile using No-Code AI

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Obviously AI can predict which prospects are likely to become the most profitable clients allowing SaaS platforms to prioritize leads and referrals. Additionally you can build user personas and predict user personas that are of high value. These predictions update in real time and get better over time. Several mid-market bay area companies turned to Obviously AI to discover their ideal customer profile and run A/B tests on the same.

The Solution

These firms conducted extensive market research and chose Obviously AI’s predictive analytics platform for their needs. 

They used Obviously AI’s platform to train a model to analyze their customer’s demographic and behavioral data to answer the following questions:

1. Who are the type of customers that are most likely to engage in higher sales?
2. Which type of customers are likely to do repeat purchases?

The Results

These firms increased conversion by 7-12%.

Obviously AI’s platform allowed their existing non-technical growth team to build the AI model within 5 mins, versus 4 months it would require a data science team, and at a significantly lower cost.

Most notably, their team empowered all domain experts with the capability of building state of the art AI predictive analytics models, without the need for an on-call data scientist.

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