Data Literacy

Posts educating on how to read and analyze data.

How No-Code Machine Learning Algorithms Work

Here's everything that happens in our platform from typing in a query and pressing “Go” to getting your Prediction Report. 

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Your Question Bank for Natural Language Analytics

Obviously AI is powered by natural language, obviously we had to create a guide and question bank for Natural Language Analytics.

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Your Team's Success Depends on Your Data Literacy

So you’ve added ML into your workflow, now what? How do you analyze and get value out of the data you collected? You have to be data literate.

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A Guide On How to Talk to Your Data

Instead of talking to data in a SQL query, it’s much more manageable and less time consuming to ask your data questions another way.

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Turning Data Science Into User Science

Modern Product Managers are in charge of sparking innovation in their company, but few know how to change data science into user science.

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