Posts intersecting creativity and Machine Learning.

How to Market to Your Users During a Quarantine

We are sharing some things we've experienced to help with Quarantine Marketing.

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Using Data to Predict Profit for Your Retail Store

This week’s featured dataset will be used as an example of how you can predict profit with retail store data. Start making predictions with this dataset inside the Data Store.

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Creating Data-Driven Personas to Find Your Ideal User

Creating personas has a lot of applications, such as measuring UX effectiveness, product design, marketing campaigns, sales campaigns, and more.

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Predicting Coronavirus Recovery With Machine Learning

We predict the recovery rate of the coronavirus without code using public data.

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Predicting Brazil’s Wildfire Patterns in 2020

Can machine learning predict wildfires? We use our platform to ask historical data questions on wildfire patterns in Brazil.

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Step-by-Step ML: Powering Your App Growth

Here's how to use machine learning in the ideation, development, and launch of your app.

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