Posts intersecting creativity and Machine Learning.

Predicting Brazil’s Wildfire Patterns in 2020

Can machine learning predict wildfires? We use our platform to ask historical data questions on wildfire patterns in Brazil.

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Step-by-Step ML: Powering Your App Growth

Here's how to use machine learning in the ideation, development, and launch of your app.

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Workforce Planning in 2020 With Predictive Analytics

For this use case we will divide how to use machine learning for labor planning into 2 sections: Improving Employee Experience and Optimizing the Hiring Process

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The Most Underrated Skill in Predictive Analytics

There is a skill that overshadows technical machine learning skills in solving problems, integrating data into your company’s workflow, and using data to its fullest potential.

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Using Data to Predict Bike Share Demand In London

Before you deploy your bike share fleet, follow this no-code ML process.

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Adopt Data-Centric Messaging to Improve CX

Enlist the help of data to improve creative messaging and enhance customer experience.

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