Posts intersecting creativity and Machine Learning.

The Most Underrated Skill in Predictive Analytics

There is a skill that overshadows technical machine learning skills in solving problems, integrating data into your company’s workflow, and using data to its fullest potential.

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Using Data to Predict Bike Share Demand In London

Before you deploy your bike share fleet, follow this no-code ML process.

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Adopt Data-Centric Messaging to Improve CX

Enlist the help of data to improve creative messaging and enhance customer experience.

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Using Data to Predict Subscription Cancellations

Customers churning is just a part of business, but what if—with machine learning—you can predict a customer leaving?

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5 Startups Using Machine Learning Creatively

We have chosen 5 startups that are taking machine learning to the next level creatively.

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Using Data to Apply Uber-Like Dynamic Pricing

Here are some examples of how to use data to apply dynamic pricing for your business.

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