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Updates on what Obviously AI is up to.

Improve Your Machine Learning with a Dedicated Data Scientist

Obviously AI is taking on traditional data science. One of the ways we’re doing this is providing a dedicated Data Scientist.

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Introducing the Data Store—An App Store for Datasets

The Data Store will be an updating marketplace to find free and relevant data and run predictions with them to give you actionable insights within minutes.

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Add Machine Learning to Your App With Our Low-Code API

You can now use Obviously AI's low-code API to power machine learning and analytics in your own app.

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We’ve Launched, Starting New Era of Data Science

We've opened sign ups to all, beginning a new chapter for Obviously AI.

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We’re Celebrating 1 Year of Obviously AI

We've been around a full year. Feel old yet? See our past accomplishments as we look towards the future.

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A Machine Learning Blog for Non-Techies

We discuss our process behind creating this blog and the topics that we will write about.

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